“Your Uranium Bootcamp was well worth the admission fee. I left feeling confident in the direction of my investments. I find you honest, educational, and entertaining. And I look forward to attending future bootcamps!” – April Farrell

“Wow! That was the fastest 8 hours I’ve experienced in a long time – largely because it added to my knowledge base in a digestible and entertaining manner. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. My hat is off to you.” – Bill Raddish

“This was one of the best virtual events I’ve ever attended. I can’t thank you enough for your excellent program.” – Vivek Singh

“This conference was tremendously beneficial and beyond my expectations. Please forward my gratitude to Mr. Rule. There is so much I have learned from him and his talks.” – Mary O’Leary

“I was glued to the entire program… like an 8 hour trance! Thank you for orchestrating a superb presentation.” – John Connor